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Colour psychology put into practice - manual

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Colours for Body, Mind & Soul: the book on colour symbolism and the psychology of colours

Colours influence emotions, provide orientation, create feel-good spaces and are therefore more than just a decorative element.

In his book "Colours for Body, Mind & Soul", colour researcher and colour designer Professor Axel Venn uses empirical studies to illustrate a scientific approach to colour psychology and places it in the context of living and well-being. Order the colour symbolism handbook now and receive a practical working tool. In combination with the enclosed design template, you can develop your own colour collections.

Colours for Body, Mind & Soul – book at a glance

  • Hardcover Edition 2018
  • 320 pages filled with suggestions for design practice
  • 24 adjectives from the areas of well-being, health and relaxation expressed in colours
  • 760 colour illustrations
  • Bilingual: German/English
  • With design template for developing your own colour collections
  • Coded in RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus
  • Format: 23.3 x 3 x 27.3 cm
  • Author: Professor Axel Venn

Colours for Body, Mind & Soul: Content and structure of the book

On 320 pages, over 700 colour illustrations and practical examples explain the psychology of colours and their effect on emotions and the psyche. The book Colours for Body, Mind & Soul inspires you to create designs that contribute to your well-being.

In 24 chapters, one adjective each from the areas of well-being, health and relaxation is highlighted. Colour and design concepts, furnishing examples, colour palettes and mood boards are included.

With the help of the enclosed design template, the book becomes a working tool that stimulates creativity, curiosity and experimentation.

Order the colour symbolism manual and use it in practice

You can order the colour symbolism handbook to get answers to questions such as "Which sensations and feelings can be described with which colours?", "Which colour stands for which emotion?" or "What symbolism does each colour have and what effect do certain colours have?".

Practical examples of room implementations as well as details and room sketches for each term provide suggestions on how feel-good places can be designed and how colours can affect body, mind and soul.

Each chapter contains a large collage that can be explored using the design template included in the book Colours for Body, Mind & Soul or used as the basis for your own material collages.

The design template is also used to isolate individual RAL colours, highlight colour combinations and colour sequences and focus on the colour effect. The stencil has a white and a black side so that the effect of the isolated colour can be tested under different conditions.

Experience the psychology of colours using the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus Colour System

All colour tones in the book Colours for Body, Mind and Soul have been noted in the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colour system so that they can be easily transferred into practice and your own plans. All RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colour tones can be found in the handy RAL D2 colour fan or the RAL D8 design box with full-surface colour pages, for example. The RAL D6 or RAL D4 individual sheets can be used to assess the colour shades in large format and use them flexibly in mood boards. The colours can be used digitally with the digital RAL colour libraries in software programs.

A colour fan with the included shades is also available to go with the book, from which the colours can be removed as individual chips. In addition to this, the bundle of book and fan offers a price advantage.

Order the Colours for Body, Mind & Soul handbook now and immerse yourself in the symbolism and psychology of colours!


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