RAL E4 Colour fan

RAL E4 Colour fan: 70 metallic colours from the RAL EFFECT collection

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Buy RAL E4 Colour fan with the metallic colours from the RAL EFFECT colour collection online

The RAL E4 colour fan contains all 70 metallic colours from the RAL EFFECT colour collection. The colours are arranged according to the colour wheel and are easy to find thanks to the index and page numbers. The RAL E4 colour fan is handy and fits perfectly in your pocket, so that it can be used flexibly both for planning in the office and for sampling on the go.

RAL E4 Colur fan at a glance 

  • Fan size 12.8 x 5.0 cm
  • 70 full colour pages
  • Metallic colours based on acrylic lacquers
  • Gloss level: high-gloss
  • With index and page numbers to quickly find the desired colours
  • Incl. cover to protect against dust, light and other external influences

Why should metallic colours be used and RAL E4 colour fans ordered?

Special visual effects can be created with the metallic colours from RAL EFFECT, which are all included in the RAL E4 colour fan. The samples change their appearance due to the glitter or metallic effect in different lighting conditions and reflect the light differently than matt colours, for example.

The RAL EFFECT colours can be used to emphasise and accentuate certain details. In addition, the metallic shades of the RAL E4 colour fan achieve a high-quality aesthetic.

Working with RAL EFFECT colours in practice

EFFECT colour collection contains a total of 490 shades: 70 unique metallic colours and 420 harmonised solid colours. For individual use of the RAL EFFECT colours, RAL E6 single sheets in solid and metallic are available for selection in the online shop, as well as binding RAL E1 colour cards, also in solid and metallic, for colour matching in production.

The RAL E3 colour fan contains all 490 colour shades at a glance, while the RAL E4 colour fan shows all metallic shades from RAL EFFECT in full.

The RAL E4 colour fan makes it easier to select RAL EFFECT metallic shades and is ideal for matching colours and testing colour combinations. The full-surface sample allows the colour effect on other surfaces to be simulated and assessed.

Buy RAL E4 colour fans in the online shop now and use metallic colours!

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