RAL Digital colour library – RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus

Work digitally with 1,825 finely graded colours

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Buy the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colour palette for download and work digitally with the colour library

Do you plan your projects with the help of software programmes and would like to fall back on the well-known and proven RAL colours for colour design?

With the digital RAL colour library - RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus you receive all 1,825 colour shades from the finely graded, systematically structured RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colour palette. With RAL COLOURS, working across all project phases - from digital planning on the screen to final production - is quick and easy.

The download file of the digital RAL colour palette contains colour values in RGB and Lab. The digital RAL colour library can be integrated into common software programmes such as Adobe Cloud, Allplan or Corel and is therefore of enormous relevance for designers in architecture, interior, product and graphic design.

File formats:
  • .ase (RGB, Lab)
  • .aco (RGB, Lab)
  • .xml (RGB, Lab)
  • .acb (RGB)
  • .pal (RGB)

Technical information:
  • Monitor settings: Accurate colour representation can only be guaranteed on a calibrated monitor.
  • Colour reproduction: Digital colour illustrations are only an approximation of the actual tone. Please always use a physical colour sample for final colour decisions. If necessary, ask your producer or printer for advice on fine-tuning the colour tone. Not every colour tone can be represented correctly in every colour space.
  • The provided digital RAL colour libraries were developed only for visual, design purposes.
Important facts about the purchase:
  • Digital RAL colour libraries are excluded from return and exchange.
  • For the purchase of the digital RAL colour palette download, a customer account is required. After the purchase (max. 2 working days later), a link to the download of the digital colour library is available there.
  • With the purchase you receive the right of use for one user. For multi-user solutions, the corresponding number of users must be purchased.

Buy the digital RAL colour library - RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus now and download the RAL colour palette. Get creative and design your digital plans with 1,825 finely graded nuances!

Implement the digital colour library into your application:

Follow the instructions of the respective programmes for detailed instructions:

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