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Software with all 2,530 RAL Colours for Win

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RAL DIGITAL 5.0 is the software for designers, architects, interior designers and all others dealing with colours in a creative and professional way. It lets you navigate around the entire spectrum and range of the RAL colour space. With RAL DIGITAL 5.0, it will also be easy for you to quickly find the perfect shade of colour or compile harmonising colour combinations based on many different criteria and specifications.

Overview of functions for RAL DIGITAL 5.0:

  • Contains all RAL EFFECT colours, RAL CLASSIC colours and RAL DESIGN colours for graphics and CAD programmes
  • Incorporates L*a*b*, RGB and CMYK colour values
  • Enables the storage or export of your own RAL colour palettes via the innovative scratchpad, so that you can go on using these palettes in other graphics or CAD programmes or have them available for extensive analyses
  • Integrated export formats: *.acb, *.png, *.csv, *.txt, *.aco
  • Lightbox that you can use to try out colours in pictures and 3D objects and different types of light, and to colour your own pictures
  • Analysing colours from screenshots and your own pictures via the function “Capture Colour”
  • Harmonising colour combinations with an original colour can be compiled optionally according to colour shade, brightness or saturation
  • The “Closest Match” function shows the RAL colour shades that most closely approximate the original colour shade (setting out, for example, from a certain RGB value)
  • The “Proximity view” presents the colour shades closest to an original colour in a 3D view
  • Design aids to develop your own colour palettes with integrated adjectives out of the RAL BOOKS “The Colour Dictionary”, “Colours of Health & Care” and “Colours for Hotels”
  • Inspiring recommendations on harmonising colours based on unicoloured, similar, analogous or complementary colour combinations
  • Discovering the perfect colour set with the aid of simple text descriptions
  • Finding RAL colours based on coincidence with relevant colour collections of leading colour manufacturers or in comparison to colorimetric values
  • Discovering complementary colours – calculating complementary colours, complementary contrasts and real harmony
  • Variations of brightness and saturation – brightness and chromatic grade can be varied
  • Supporting colour design with the extensive list of headwords containing suggestions by designers on common colour terms
  • 3D colour space – shows colour systems in the CIELAB colour space

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